Meet Your New Team

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Heather Powell

As the founder of Virtually Heather, she’s your go-to for all things Business Management. She also specializes in Web Dev & Design, Graphic Design, and is a technical genius. We’ve seen her bend Zapier to her will in ways only previously imagined!

She also has pet pigs, so you know she’s cool.

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Jessi Kennedy

We don’t want to say ‘odd mixture’, but she’s an odd mixture of technical and creative genius.

She can set up sections of your website to only be visible to some people, turn around and edit a video, then skip off to write a short story about a dancing octopus that will leave you with more feelings than a TikTok about a beloved dog.

Why Us

Not to brag, but we know it all 💅

We’ve been in all of the mainstream CRMs—Keap (aka InfusionSoft), Kajabi, Aweber, ConstantContact, MailChimp…the list goes on.

Web Dev and Management
WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Kajabi—been there, built that…and kept it up to date! We’re also skilled in custom coding, cPanel, SQL, and basic database management.

Branding and Graphic Design
Need a logo, color palette, fonts? We can build a brand kit that works for you! That’s because we’re skilled in graphic design (can you say social media graphics?) and stay current on market trends to ensure your brand is not just eye-catching, but also fits your vibe.

Creative and Technical Writing
Witty or dry, we can whip up a blog post or email that can accomplish what you need it to do. With writing experience in everything from martial arts to grief counseling, we can learn and imitate your voice while keeping the facts straight.

Marketing Training
PLC formula, B School, Micah Larson, and real-world experience—we’ve gone through all of the material. We’ve even written material for business coaches!

Marketing Skills
Lead magnets, social media set-up and management, SEO, copy creation & editing—we’re here to help you with the entire process, or just give you ideas to help you get going on your own.

Information Architecture
We’ve created and managed internal and external systems since the day we had our first client. This is often an overlooked aspect of business, but no one understands better the importance of ease of access better than someone who has seen the worst!

Business Management
From government contracts to figuring out how much you should charge in taxes (and how to keep track of it), we have done that, too. Need help registering your business with another state? Done it. Want to know the best way to save money on your systems, and if there’s a way to get a discount? We know the answer.

Need new headshots or want a fancy photoshoot for the Gram (that could be Insta or your grandmother, your choice)? Maybe you want some nice new product images? We’ve got the equipment for both, and our resident photographer loves to travel!

How it Works


You Book a Call

Click here to book a call. All of our initial calls will have Heather on them, and sometimes will include either Jessi or Jennifer (or both). Feel free to make a request for a special appearance during any of our meetings!


You Choose Your Package(s)

Each package will detail out what it includes, the time Virtually Heather will put in, and what you can expect as the outcome. You can choose a one-time package or have it be recurring. 


Contracts are Signed, Work Begins

Once you choose your package, we will send you a contract and invoice. You’ll also gain access to your very own Client Portal where you can see what has been done to date, schedule more calls, and more!


Our Story

Many, many years ago, two friends (Heather and Jessi) met for the first time in a mutual workspace. Over the course of the next few months they got to know each other. They learned all of the ins and outs of Virtual Assistance, teaching themselves and each other as they went along.

Fast forward a couple of years. Heather has decided to build her own company because she has all this amazing knowledge about the Virtual Assistant space, and knows that she can be highly successful. Jessi helps her name the business—and thus, Virtually Heather was born!

But the story doesn’t end there. At that time, Jessi was working for a New York Times #1 Best Selling Author so she did not join Heather. But if we fast forward again—only a few months, this time—Jessi and Heather reach out on the same day to discuss Jessi joining Heather in the already-successful Virtually Heather. Serendipitous!

Over the course of the next several years, Virtually Heather has grown into a thriving company. If we look at the beginning of the story, we see two baby Virtual Assistants who knew the basics.

When you fast forward to now, you see exceptionally skilled women who have proven themselves capable of handling everything an entrepreneur needs for a healthy, successful business.

Ready to Make your business life a lot easier?

Click the button, book a call, and we’ll see you soon!